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Thanks to social media our faces are beat.

No, seriously. If you were to look at a picture of your makeup before the world of social media compared to now, nine times out of ten you would see a huge transformation.
Because of social media, we now have the means of following makeup artists and the like to see new tips and tricks we can incorporate into our daily makeup routines. If you didn't know what a winged liner or an ombre lip was before circa 2007, you're more than likely right where you need to be now.
If it wasn't for YouTube and Instagram, seriously -- what would our makeup look like? Most people never took a class on makeup, they simply watched countless videos on the tube to learn how to perfect their craft.
It's crazy to see how makeup has evolved overtime all because of the internet. Yeah, it's a pretty big deal if you ask me. In the video seen below, shows how makeup has evolved prior to the internet and present day. It's actually amazing to see such progress, keep scrolling to see firsthand for yourself.

Have you seen a difference in your makeup over the years?

@stephosorio I know right lol I'm just starting to get into my eyebrows
It's funny cause I'm still very basic when it comes to make up :) I just have added BB cream into my routine
This is super interesting! I was definitely way into the whole "let's be a panda" with my eyeliner before.
Let's see. In 2007 my makeup toggled between "straight outta the 80s," "grunge raccoon," and "did you just roll out of bed?" Now my makeup toggles between "meh," "you look nice today," and "are you feeling okay?" Haha!
I feel like i was a little too young (or I just started wearing makeup later than most) to really have a "before" look lol. I didn't really wear a lot of makeup until after I was already seeing a lot of it online hahaha. I diddddddd wear like heavy black eyeliner before I knew how to do it but I feel like that was mostly inspried by my music idols of the time hahahhaah
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