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I was tagged to complete this challenge by @cindystran and although my ex doesn't cross my mind these days, I thought this would be pretty interesting and fun to engage in.
While I could probably think of a million negative songs, I will keep this challenge short and sweet because I have no ill will towards my ex despite our past. Keep scrolling to see what songs I added to the list below.

Song: Laundromat

Artist: Nivea ft. R. Kelly

Song: So Emotional

Artist: One Chance

Song: Are We In This Together

Artist: Day 26

Song: Circle

Artist: Marques Houston

I challenge you to make a list of songs that also remind you of your ex.

On your mark.
Get set.
Nam joon/ kookie "Fool" Cover.. I like their version better than the original
selena- si una vez " if I ever Said I loved you, I now regret it" Adele - "say hello to your new lover" Arian grande - "problems"
Thanks for participating! :)
how about long December by counting crows
I couldn't really think of any, but here are a few that came to mind lol The Card Board Swords- Flannel Justin Beiber- Love Yourself Justin Beiber- What do you mean Trey Songz- Cheat on You
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