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Lee Min Ho Interview by Yahoo OMG Phils.’s-song-for-filipino-fans-063439201.html E-mail Message of Lee Min Ho for Philippine Fans by Yahoo OMG! Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho has grown so fond of Filipino fans, whom he first met in 2012 for an endorsement, he has a song dedicated especially for them. He chose "You, Me and Us" because "it has the message that I want to deliver to the fans while touring the world." In an email interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!, the star of "Boys Over Flowers" described how much his Filipino fans mean to him. Amazing food and faces "It touched me deep inside my heart seeing all the love you gave me in Manila. I can’t forget all the amazing food and faces of the kind people." The 26-year-old actor is excited over his second visit to Manila, where he will bring his "My Everything Tour" to the Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday, July 6. "I think it makes the concert itself very special because it grants us 'our time.' I have prepared the concert to show you different sides of me as I perform my songs in the album. I hope you receive all the positive energy as we enjoy the concert together." Min Ho has just released his debut album, "My Everything," which is doing well in the charts, including Japan's Oricon. He admitted that meeting his fans across countries, especially after his Manila visit, made him realize the value of music in reaching out to them. "I kept thinking 'so many fans visited to see me, and will there be anything that helps us sharing this emotion with everyone?' This thought became bigger after I visited the Philippines last year. So I started to work on making an album, which I had thought of for a while, because I think communicating through songs was a great way to talk to them and I thought it was a good gift to fans as well as talking to producers about song by song." From acting to singing Min Ho considers his singing career a "special experience." "I decided to release an album after putting lots of thoughts because I wanted to communicate with fans through songs. I see this singing project as the continuation as my professional career." This is the first time Min Ho is holding a world tour, so he’s pulling out all the stops to make it successful. "I also think this is all possible because so many people around me helped me to get here. I had all night practice with the band, recording sessions and dance lessons to get prepared for it. I believe having a great time with the fans and audience is a key to successful shows. I hope you are able to enjoy it all on July 6 in Manila." With only a few days to go before his Manila concert, Min Ho tells fans: "Hello, fans in the Philippines, I am Lee Minho. How have you all been doing? I am visiting Manila again to have an amazing time with you all. I will be able to see you in Manila on July 6 as a part of the global tour. I am so excited to see you all soon. Please take care 'till the day I get to see you."
I think his fav pants is pink or red. He wear the pink pants in at least two drama serial.
I would like to see him can he come and have a concert here in America specially here in San Diego
Congratulations for the success of your Global Tour in Malaysia my dear!! Very much excited you will be in the Philippines this coming saturday even though I'm not there to witness on how my co-filipino minoz adore you... Have a safe trip and hope to see you in Edmonton, Alberta! I'm hoping you will going to visit us there.. They are so many filipino minoz waiting for you! Saranghe Min Ho!!
gosh... oh..!! my G.R.R.R.R... he is so cute..
OMG so sexy!! >_<
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