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Nakama Campfire Challenge is here again and the prompt was, What's a good starter anime? I picked 5 different ones since everyone has different tastes.
Trigun! I've used this one alot but that's just because it fits with everything and I think any new-found anime fan will love it just as I do!
Angel Beats! If you want to watch someone laugh alot then bust out in tears this is the anime you should recommend! Great show!
Erased! Even though this is still a pretty new one I think anyone who enjoys a thriller would absolutely love this one, I know I did!
Psycho Pass! Anyone who like a good roller-coaster of emotions would love this one! It has some gore but not excessive and it'll get you thinking what could the future really be like!? A must watch!
Last but not least one of my favorites A Certain Magical Index! I absolutely love this show and I know you will too! Oh and one more thing about this show.......♡♡MISAKA MIKOTO♡♡ Enough said!
Well until the next prompt, see ya! Now tagging @InVinsybll @hikaymm @blackoutzj