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If you thought that washing your sheets once a week was good enough--and nothing else--then you'd be very wrong! Because there's a plethora of filth, grime, sweat, dead skin, and lurking bugs embedded into your mattress (and pillows).
It's pretty disgusting.
I can't.
Lucky for us, there's essential oils and homemade remedies for this, which I found on Stephanie Gerber's blog, Hello Glow.

Make it:

1/2 Cup baking soda
2 drops eucalyptus essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil

How to:

Using a confectioner's sifter, sprinkle the entire mattress with this and let it rest for a few hours. If you can do this before you go to work and vacuum it up when you get back home--all the better!
Washing your pillows in the machine is always an option, but check your pillow care instructions. But this method works on pillows too. Just be sure to hit both sides of the pillow separately.
If you're new to essential oils, then I encourage you to read my recent card here.
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Awesome @TessStevens put those babies to use
馃檵 question! I have an air bed ,what's the procedure for that ??
@ebethoven great question. is it all plastic? then use anti bacterial spray. if there's fiber, fabric or flocking, then use this mixture for it
the top is fiber so okay got it thanks sensei @marshalledgar
You're most welcome @ebethoven 馃榾