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If you're in a sappy mood, look no further.

Animator and creator of the heart warming lego love story, Kevin Ulrich's created a short video depicting the story of how him and his fiancee fell in love.
While he had secretly been planning to creating this amazing video, his coworker asked him to make the video that brought about so much excitement.
Throughout the video, you see several moments that Ulrich depicts as 'meaningful', but could also be seen as humorous. I mean who doesn't appreciate a little heart flutter amongst some much needed laughter.
If you're in need of both or just so happen to be a huge lego fan, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

How adorable was that video?

@jordanhamilton what's your percentage cause I haven't seen it @danidee well they know how to hide it that's for sure
@jordanhamilton please tell me where do you hang out I must know
I totally agree with @danidee
@VixilCastillo They're usually at home gaming lol.
@VixilCastillo HAHAHA girls can be nerds too!!
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