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I love this Kristin Martz quote. I love it because it's simple and it's true. I think those are sometimes the best quotes, for me anyway.
Sharing this with you because there seems to be a trend going on. Lately, I have found that the people around me (and circumstances) are asking the age old question, What is my purpose?
For real though, what is your purpose? Do you know? Are you just grinding away, wondering what it is? Are you bored? Miserable? Angling to find something better?
I came across an interesting article by Shannon Kaiser, that will have you asking yourself five questions--in an effort to drill down to your purpose. While it won't tell you to be x, y or z, it will help you zero in on what drives you--your passion(s)!
You can finally stop asking, “How do I find my life purpose?” Because according to Shannon Kaiser, "the short answer is to follow your joy route."
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self reflection is my bread and butter so this is really cool thanks for tagging me!
@marshalledgar Thanks for tagging me mate but I don't think these inspirational quotes can be of any meaning to me I m yet to find a purpose for my existence and I don't think this can do wonders in me. For me purpose is what you set for yourself and yes which you are truly passionate about.I have wasted my life trying to figure out my purpose and wish it ends sooner before I even think about it.
Sounds like you might be going through a rough patch @MeenakshiSundar The card isn't really about the quote, it's about the 5 questions we ask ourselves to move forward with our passions. What are you passionate about @MeenakshiSundar? Where are you from? I am in USA
love the quote followed by the questions....really makes you wonder who you are. they say people change every 7 years or so.....I wonder if our responses today would change in 7+ years. really would like to see the difference. :)