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They're all good. But which one is the greatest?

It's time for a community poll! To vote: Leave a comment with your favorite fight scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'll tally the votes and share our choice in the Community Check-In next Thursday!

Here are the options:

Daredevil- The Hallway Scene (season 1)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier- The Highway Scene
Iron Man 3: Escape Scene
The Avengers- The Battle of New York
Thor: The Dark World- Battle in Vanaheim
Agent Carter- The Break-In Fight (Season 1)

Comment with your favorite!

I'll share our results in the community Check-in this week! (You can pick one that wasn't shared here as well! Just make sure you're specific so everyone knows what you're talking about!)
the battle in new york
I prefer the tws one it has one of the best fight choreographies not only in marvel but also in entire Hollywood crop.