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For some people, this will be a breeze. For others, it might be a bit of a challenge. There was an article from Redbook Magazine about a woman who gave up the buzz for one whole month.
She struggled. Like me, she indulged in a glass of wine, or a drink after a hard, long day at work. "having a drink (or two, or three) was a treat—a reward to relish when life threw us stressful curveballs," Betsy Farber wrote.
Giving up meat for Lent (and counting) is much easier than I had anticipated. But I wonder if I could say the same thing when it came to giving up my bitter glass of red wine after a long day at work. I remember when I was powerlifting, drinking was kept at a cool because I cared a lot about my performance when training and when competing. As much as I like wine, I also like feeling refreshed and as healthy as possible. And maybe cutting alcohol for a month will actually do my body some good again.

I think I've got myself a new challenge...

Is this something you can see yourself doing?
ofc! That's one challenge I won't sweat over, coz I don't drink at all lol
Uh. No. hahahah
Madam; to give up something that gives me great pleasure and maintain a healthy body is absurd. I would ask you to give up sexual relations and see who remains healthier and happier. I respect people who choose not to consume alcohol just as I respect those who choose to shave their private parts, tattoo themselves or wear 4 inch stillettos in the winter. I choose not to do those other things and believe me I shall live to be 100. Ciao.
that's easy, whether it's mandatory or not
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