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So this a a weekly for me. The store knows me by name now They typically play jazzy music, but today I walk and and believe or not Big Bang was playing. Right now 2NE1 is on the radio. I let my kpop wisdom fly! Henry was impressed (He's the guy who owns the store). He's korean, k get this. I remember his name because i think of Henry-trapped..... OMG EXO JUST CAME ON!!!!DYING GUYS. IM DYING!!!!
I love Boba Milk Tea!! and with Big Bang......Perfect!!
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Right!!! @lovetop i got hong kong style. Its super sweet! And yummy
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I live in a small town so I don't have any asian shops :"(
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Oh my god, that's so awesome!! I need to go to more Boba tea shops but I don't know where to find any :l And Boba is so good!!!!
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