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EXO D.O Fanfiction: Dream Come True

Little Note: So im in the process of coming up with a new schedule so sorry if my posting is all random. After less than a week my schedule failed XDD SO i can confirm that for sure i will be posting on Saturdays so look forward to that! If you missed the previous chapters, i gotchu: -> Chapter 1 --> Chapter 2 ---> Chapter 3 ----> Chapter 4 (pt 1)


After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO members. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivys friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 4

pt 2

=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Suho Prov.=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The managers told me we would have a new makeup artist coming in to fill in for the one who unfortunately caught a cold. I walked back to the group and started to talk with the group. It seems like everyone was everywhere. Lay was going on about this and that but yet people had mini conversations in between it. Me being as attentive as i am noticed three of these boys distracted..Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun ... from what, I dont know. Still, minutes later, they still are looking away. Finally i decided to follow where they were looking. A girl was on her scooter. It wasnt unusual since we were at a park but she seemed older than the teens that hung around here. She was probably in her early twenties just looking at her. Why are they staring? Dont they know thats rude!!! I didnt notice till later that Chanyeol and Baekhyun had gone to talk to her. Whats going on here? =-=LATER=-= I walked into the tent where i was going to get my makeup done for the photoshoot i saw the same girl from earlier there. And wow was she pretty! "Hi! My name is Suho!" i said. She introduced herself as Renesmay, quite an interesting name if you ask me! I sat in the chair and she started to apply the makeup stuff on my face. I looked at her in detail since she was up close. Wait is this her? The one that Kyungsoo was talking to me about the other day? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=---=-=-=Flashback Prov. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--==-=-=-=-=- I sat in my dorm on my phone talking with the managers about some stuff we were gonna do. So far we have talked about a photoshoot that will take place in the park nearby. We would take pictures with the fall theme and just have fun!!! Suddenly i heard a knock on the door. Kyungsoo had walked in and removed his mask, revealing his pink tinted cheeks. He looked up with his doe- like eyes and asked "Hyung can i talk to you?" I nodded and patted to the space next to me. He layed down and just stared at the ceiling as if having extremely deep thoughts going through his head. "whats wrong?" "I went to the 711 near the park and Chanyeol and I bumped into a girl....." he said his cheeks getting a darker shade of pink. "I didnt really talk much but the talking she did was very kind and polite and her voice....it was.... it was....." a smile grew on his face and his once dark pink cheeks turned into red. He turned over with his face buried into the mattress. "anyways... She was a foreigner with brown hair but when the sun hit her it had natural highlights of blond and red. Her eyes were a brown but like her hair it turned her eyes a greenish hazel. Its amazing! She had slight cheekbones and her lips were red and really plump....." he was lost in thought and snapped back into reality finishing what he was gonna say, and "she wasnt freakin wearing makeup like those other girls. She had the simplest clothes but she made it look as if it was on a super model. She was all natural* and had her hair in one of those messy things that looks like a circle.... whats it called..." "a bun?" i completed his thought. He shot up and raised a finger in the air next to his head as he remembered the name. "Ya! A bun!! Though it was really messy it made her look so nice! But dork me just stared at her and didnt say anything. Chanyeol really did all the talking. I wish i could have said something. I dont know what but i wish i at least said one word like bye or get her name..." his smile faded into a disappointed frown. I patted him on the shoulder. "for sure youll see her again!" i said not full heartedly but i had to get him out of the dumps. He turned and his smile had some what returned. "Thanks Hyung!" "Anytime and if u have anything to talk about ill be here!" He got up and left and flashed a small smile. Good job Suho! i mentally patted myself on the back and went back to scrolling through Instagram. =-=-=-=-=----=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=End of Flashback=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-= I snapped out of it but i guess i had been staring at her too long because she started to blush as soon as our eyes met. She had finished with my makeup and i stood up thanked her and left. We didnt talk much because i was lost in my own flashback but she seems like a nice young lady. Now that she is gonna be here i feel as if i should be her big brother watching so that these people in the company wont be so mean. She is new and foreigner. WHo knows how others at SM will react. Its not that often u meet a foreigner! I thought back to when everyone was talking and when Kyungsoo was staring..... Did he recognize her?

Kai Prov.

I saw Suho leave the tent in deep thought but he seemed happy. He stopped me before i went inside and said "We have a new makeup artist today so be nice to her! Make her feel welcomed" I smirked "dont you know me? i know how to welcome someone?" He rolled his eyes and walked away continuing his thinking I walked in to see a girl ive never seen before. she was pretty and she was very natural. She was a foreigner! i was shocked but i got over it after about 0.5 seconds. I walked in and said "Hello my name is Kai!" Suho said to make her feel welcomed which i think i did so i thought it was time for a small QA between us. "So, where are you from?" i asked. Im trying to make this the least bit awkward and more like as if you were talking to your brother. "Im from the US but my family is from Mexico." she said. Her name..... Renesmay! I remember. Sometimes i have the memory of a goldfish XD i was amazed by how fast she answered. most foreigners would not be to happy to answer. Why? I honestly dont know! Before there could be a chance to be an awkward silence i continued to the next question. "What brings you to Korea?" Smooth i thought to myself "I came here to work as a designer but ended up getting a job in the office building around here." She let out a small sigh. "But i just got the position for EXOs official fashion consultant." "Thats great I cant wait to work more with you.... and maybe get to know you better!" I said happy to hear the news. She smiled at my response and finished up my look. I stood up thanked her and waved as i exited. She sure does leave an impression! I truely am happy that i will be able to talk to her more and hang out. We can become really good friends! I smiled to myself and passed Baekhyun. He asked me why i was smiling and i just pointed to the tent. He looked at it still confused.... but soon he will realize the nice woman who was there.

Baekhyun Prov.

I walked to the makeup tent that Kai happily pointed me towards. Why was he so happy? Not like anything really special must have happened. I pushed the curtain back and saw it. Renesmay. She was setting up the station for the next person.... Me! "well Helloooooooooo again!!!" she froze for a second and turned to see me. I asked her a bunch of questions like whats your favorite color, what is a hobby of yours, or like why do you only have a scooter, do you have a boyfriend, or where she had met Chanyeol at before. i got an answer for all of them Mint Blue, cooking, Cant afford a car yet, no, and she had bumped into Chanyeol at the 711 near here. Then a killer question hit me "You listen to EXO right?" "well you see....im actually quiet a fan......" she said as she blushed a bit. "Awesome! Then..." I scooted in closer os only she could hear me. "Who is your bias?" Her eyes practically popped out of her head and her once light pink cheeks turned dark red really fast. "Ummm... I dont have one i love all the members equally!" She said trying to cover up what just happened. "ya but if you HAD to pick..." i said instigating a bit. "i dont know....." she said. I knew she was hiding something...the look on her face gave it away.. AND IM GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT!!! "so you do have one" i said with a slight smirk on my face. She just brushed it off. I sighed. "Dont worry you dont need to tell me......" A devilish smile spread on my face "...... I will just find out myself!!" She quickly finished my makeup and i got up and thanked her. I wanted to leave a mark that said i would get to the bottom of this so right before i left i put my hand up and did that im watching you sign. (like the one from Flower Boy Next Door) I exited ready to start the investigation. But I need to watch how she interacts with each member soooo..... Step One: Isolation with each member.
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