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Hello everyone! WOO we hit 50 already! xD I am sorry that I have been MIA for a while...I kind of injured my self at work so I have been recovering...*sighs* it never fails XD. BUT I am back! Here are your long-awaited for memes! Enjoy XD (Credit to owners!)

Whoever made those collages of their derp faces...I WANT TO HUG THAT PERSON XD

Thanks guys and don't forget to leave a comment below on which one was your favorite! (Mine is this last one...Suho's face is PRICELSS *dies of laughter* XD)

the wedding one is hilarious. but I also like the taller they are the dumber they are one too XD
Haha so true!!! @exoexo
@OhItsJas XD I was thinking the same thing
"Bts shots from Kris' movie look awesome" I was so confused 😂 I was like what? No? BTS ? BTS isn't ther- OH BEHIND THE SCENES
The exo derp faces are amazing
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