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Gruvia💙 Leredy❤
Meredy: It certainly took them this long, dont you agree?
Meredy: Ah-ha! You're eavesdropping too, aren't you?! Lyon: Me? Whatever gave you that idea? Meredy: There tent is right beside this tree. Lyon: You don't even deny it..
Meredy: Im glad though... Juvia is a wonderful person... She and Gray deserve to be happy. Lyon: . . . Our opinions do not differ, then.
Lyon: Gray is an ass, though. Meredy: Oh!! I wouldn't disagree! Did you see how he greeted me on the battlefield? Rude!
Juvia: Are those... Meredy and Lyon-Sama's voices? Gray: They sound like they're getting along. . . Meredy: Kinda funny tho. Did you know Gray was once on the top of my to-kill list? Lyon: You dont say? We have more in common than I thought!

Art done by Blamedorange❤

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@ZacharyStewart Oml😂
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@AimeBolanos nice card though
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@ZacharyStewart Thank you
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