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Yesterday, Kobe played his last game before retiring from the NBA. Even if you don't watch basketball, this is still a pretty big moment in sports history. But instead of going through his personal history, I'm a giant nerd who plays more video games than eats pizza (and I eat a lot of pizza). So, I have to look through the Kobe's history through the lens of video games.
And what better way to do that than look through the way his character model evolved from the first NBA2K game to the latest 2K game.
Fortunately for me, there's YouTube. And on YouTube, people make a bunch of videos about things that I tend to find interesting and want to share with people on the Internet (that's exactly what I'm doing now). YouTuber Zambing G2K made a 4-minute video of all of Kobe's character models.
The video doesn't have too much in terms of "action" and by that I mean, he's not dunking on people or dribbling through the lane, it's really just his character model standing there. But it's still interesting to see how technology has advance over the course of 4 minutes.
Zambing also puts some pretty dramatic music over the whole video with some inspiring quotes from Kobe himself, so if you just want to listen to it, that's fine too. But that's not all!
NBA2K17 will have a "Legend Edition" that has Kobe on the cover. Which is a pretty good move by the folks over at 2K. Honestly, even though it'll probably be a little more expensive, I'll probably end up picking up the Legend Edition because of the cover (unless Carmelo is on the cover, but I doubt that'll happen).
Anyway, here's to Kobe Bryant and being so goddamn good at basketball. And here's to time flying by so fast and feeling like I'm actually aging. (cue clinking of glasses)
@kell13 It's well worth the watch, bro. You could probably find it somewhere online for free, too
@kell13 I think we're all going to miss Kobe. I'm a diehard Knicks fan, and even though there were times I hated him. It doesn't mean I never respected his game. Have you seen his Muse documentary? it's inspiring stuff
Was my favorite NBA player, on my favorite team. Imma miss Kobe. 😢
@paulisadroid No, imma probably watch it later though