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If you're planning a wedding in a space that's awesome, except for one obvious area, then I want to inspire you to try a chic cover-up wall like the one you see here in the picture.
Back in the day, you'd pipe and drape your event to death, so much so, that it looked like the inside of a coffin. Then along came the 2007-2008 economic collapse. All of a sudden, when funds ran dry, new and creative cost-cutting options were a must!
That's about the same time that the BoHo and rustic vibe because all the rage. But you don't have to go that vibe if you're not feeling it. The point is, think of some fun alternatives to covering up an eye sore at the venue.
The honeycomb wall, decked in florals, is a great way to let the light in without "seeing" the industrial-ness of the space. This would also work as a great way to backdrop your sweet table or escort card table.
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