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It's time for another dare!

(For those who don't know, a headcanon is an idea that isn't canon, but you enjoy it anyway!)

Here are mine:

1. Peggy is the first person that Bucky goes to when he starts getting his memories back. Not because he's afraid of Steve, but because she'll understand.
2. Sam and Rhodey become friends commiserating over the dumb things their Avenger pals get up to.
3. Peter Parker was actually a little afraid of heights at first. It was his drive to be a hero and make amends that helped him overcome it.

You've been dared!

+If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared.
+Repost with three headcanons.
+Tag 5 more people
+Begin world domination
I'd love 2. I've been dared 3 times but my schedule is so freaking crazy right now. I miss Vingle-ING!!!
@LadyLuna lol it's all good! You can do them when life calms down :D