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From the Desk of Paul I. Droid, CEO of Droid Corp,

The time it takes to build robots for all of my lovely investors has been an experience I have learned a lot from. It doesn't take a week to make 3 fully formed and functional robot/droids, so I am currently putting my own hands to work because it's like they say, "If you want something done right, you better do it yourself". So, I am currently doing it, myself.
In the mean time, Droid Corp has been secretly working on a beautiful theme park for you all to enjoy. Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder where I can go to see all different kinds of Deathclaw without worry that harm will come to me"? Well, Droid Corp has an answer for you.

Welcome to (dramatic pause) Deathclaw Island!

Here, you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of different kinds of Deathclaw. Alpha Males, Chameleon, and even the rare Albino Deathclaw!
No, it's nothing like that string of movies they made about man sparing no expense in order to bring dinosaurs back to life, nothing can go wrong here! Our beta wave emitters are running on the smoothest technology that the wasteland carries! Our fusion generators (almost never) go out and that's something that no other settlement in the Commonwealth can offer you!
Come see our Mirelurk V. Deathclaw fights happen right in front of your very eyes*! Don't like the site of Mirelurks, you say? Well, we also have hourly Deathclaw feedings where you can see where all the Deathclaw get their strength and power! (The answer is unsuspecting raiders and those filthy gunners!).
Or our main attraction (above) Big Blue! Yes, you're right! She is a beautiful specimen. But wait 'til you see her with your own eyes. While she's mostly blue in appearance, her snout and tail change colors right in front of you! She's a magnificent beast that will love giving your children rides around the island.
So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Deathclaw Island below! Make it a vacation to remember!
Paul I. Droid!
*Droid Corp is not responsible for the harm you may receive during the Mirelurk V. Deathclaw Battle Royale. That being said, the company requires that you sign a Death Waiver in the event that the beta wave emitters cut out for a short time.
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I don't know what a deathclaw is, but I'm on board! Lol