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So.... last night right around when Vegas concert ended I did a snap...
I gave my word as a woman ro @MarrickeJ33 That I would rap in a snap and send it to Simon Dominic... So I did and went to bed after... . . . woke up to see...
HE OPEN IT! OMG NO! so glad he didn't respond... Thank you simon for being too busy and tired to deal with me...
Honestly I'm just following them... super uncomfortable with even the idea of snapping tweeting or IG-ing them. x.x done....
lmao you are so cute! 😂 i would die
@xroyalreisx OHHH lol I failed but STILL owo yo senpai noticed u and now @Jiyongixoxo SENPAI HAS NOTICED U
@MarrickeJ33 hahaha xD in a week ha
@Jiyongixoxo yeah I'm supporting you on that ...can't bring myself to ever do that again...ugly duck the only one i would possibly snap he cool
@Jiyongixoxo no omg x.x it took so much will power to press send .. almost chicken out but my hand gave out and my thumb hit send xD
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