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I've decided to call Thursdays Three Thursday because I want to tell you guys three things I've decided to do.
1: I've decided to not do my 30 day bias challenge anymore. I've also decided not to do my wang Wednesday post today either cause I feel like crap. But I promise I will do it next week! If you must know, I feel so bad I think I might just pass out. It's hard just to make this card! I'm sorry again guys. I know, I'm terrible!
2: I can't remember what videos I used for my BTS cards at the beginning of the week but I am pretty sure you guys have your own sources. Man I suck...
3: tomorrow is my first vote card! I need you guys to vote on today and tomorrow's card for what group I will be posting about for most of next week! Please! I know I'm a bad person but I think I at least deserve this! The nominees are: SHINee, WINNER, GOT7 or Boys Republic! Vote in the comments below!
Thanks guys! Sorry again! Tagging: @JohnEvans @CrystalGuerra Tell me if you would like to be tagged or untagged for the future cards in this collection!
It will be okay. I've been really inactive lately myself. I hope you feel better. ^u^ I'd love to place my vote for GOT7. I love them so much.♥
Hope you feel better soon.
BOYS REPUBLIC! and I hope u get better quickly!!!♡
I vote for WINNER!! I'm a huge fan of them but I don't see that many posts about them
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