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[Tag: @Invinsybll] Konnichiwa Nakama! Iruka-chan here for another fun day of Nakama Campfire! Today's challenge is: what character do you believe deserves a spin-off series or their own series? I'm not sure about who I'd pick for this one, everyone deserves a spin-off series XD But...I guess I'll choose...
Shiro - Deadman Wonderland She just randomly shows up in Ganta's life and seems like the cute ditsy character But there's obviously more to her than just that Yes, there was some reveal of who she really is But I'd like more about that and more about her past life and how she was then
Another character from Deadman Wonderland that I'd like to know about is Toto Like, where da hell did he come from honestly?! XD He just shows up near the end of the series!! Without an explanation! I wanna know who he really is... I know Deadman Wonderland was discontinued but honestly, more please! I loved this anime!!
@DebbyLindsay @OtakuDemon10 you guys should definitely read it. it was a great read to me and it answers all your questions @DebbyLindsay
@OtakuDemon10 yeah, it's soooo long!
@DebbyLindsay lol same! with sooooooo many things!
@OtakuDemon10 It's in my to read list 馃槄 haven't gotten to it yet 馃構
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