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We live in a society where some people believe the value of an item matters more than the item itself. While this might be some people's state of mind, some people believe that the quality of the item and how great it looks matters more than the price tag.
You can spend $500 on a bag and it can look like trash, but you can also spend $50 on a bag and it can look like you spend thousands on it. It all boils down to perspective at the end of the day and how thick your wallet happens to be. Is your wallet thicker than your skin? Well, there's only one way to tell.

Are you more of a quality person or are you more of a quantity person?

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I'm always looking for bargains. I would always prefer to spend less for more. Sometimes you have to settle, and pay more for good quality, but I don't do this often. I'll look around until I find it for cheaper.
quality hands down
I'm the same way, it just doesnt make sense to splurge on certain things @jlee37
I'm a quality type of person. I'm not going to spend ridiculous amounts of money on items that are completely ugly when I can spend a small amount on something that's beautiful.
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