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Hey, so here's the situation: The sorority I'm in and our brother fraternity are doing joint bigs and littles, so I'm getting a little brother, and the reveal is on Tuesday. We're supposed to each come up with our own cute little reveal, but I suck at ideas!
I did a little facebook creeping (don't judge me), and it looks like he's into Harry Potter, at least the books, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Cyanide & Happiness, Mean Girls, and Disney.
The general idea, I think, is that the littles will enter the room where there will be items for each of them with their name on it, and then they have to match it to their big, so a few mundane examples would be like matching socks or puzzle pieces, but I'd like to do something a little more interesting and personal. Based on my creeping, I'm thinking Pokemon is the way to go, which is a little unfortunate since I haven't really touched Pokemon in ages :/
Additional info that might be helpful is that we are music service organizations; my little plays baritone in the marching band, and I play flute in concert band, and we are both engineers.
Thanks so much!
the idea I have is using an Eevee plush. hot topic had a few and they're online too. Since the games let you nickname Pokemon you make a card that says "What would you like to nickname your Eevee?' and then you fill his name in under that for his item. have somewhere on the card it says original trainer: your name you could then have either a plush or hat of one of the many evolutions Eevee has since its a bigs and littles type of thing.
thanx again, btw @OctoberHymns!
@InVinsybll Yup! I ended up going with the Eevee idea; I gave him a little eevee keychain and wore an Eevee evolution baseball t to match. It went great! I considered sharing on here, but I'm not a picture person... Maybe I'll take some from Facebook...
also, cool to know there's other greek life folk on vingle!
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