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{NC} Gender-Bend It UP↑
[Tag: @Invinsybll] Heyoo Nakama! I'm back again after 5 secs of posting today's challenge lmao I realized I didn't do every card :0 so excuse me while I catch up!
For the genderbend one, I picked Haru from Free! because hot damn he's gorgeous as both sexes! Waifu♥ (technically their my brother/sister tho lol)
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@gabbycalzada sorry to intervene but yOU'RE 10?!?! JFC!! 😱😱😱
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@kawaiiporpoise that is correct I am 10 why? @ShinigamiSan and I don't know maybe. Your still a demon
a year ago·Reply
@gabbycalzada And @kawaiiporpoise just demonstrated my reaction when I first discovered your age.
a year ago·Reply
@gabbycalzada Thank you. 😈
a year ago·Reply
@ShinigamiSan I know that
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