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I was laughing so hard when I saw this cause the face and the smile hope this doesn't make me a bad person but it's still a good anime
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@koifries it's called boku no hero academia!! About an era where "quirks" are like superpowers basically and this kid has always wanted to be a superhero basically more than anyone but finds out he doesn't have a quirk. Meaning no possibility to be a hero. But he then meets the #1 hero and his life after that changes forever!! Don't wanna ruin too much but I really enjoyed the 2 episodes I've seen so far!!
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I'm waiting for Ochako Uraraka lol She has the potential of being my next Waifu lol @LuffyNewman that's Ayane Sakura voicing her lol
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@LuffyNewman it was heartbreaking but I couldn't take him serious because of his face
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@Majestical def a weird face so I agree there!! @koifries no prob NAKAMA!! I'm usually up to date with any current and upcoming animes considering I watch every anime released each year lol.
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