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Yesterday, I was tagged in a card by @cindystran to share a song that describes my ex. And since I'm basically a library of songs that describe particular feelings, I thought this was an excellent challenge for me.
I've heard tons and tons of songs. But when I think about my ex-girlfriend there's one song in particular that pops into my head. It's called Stamp by the band The Rural Alberta Advantage.
I first heard this song on an old television show that my ex-girlfriend and I used to watch together. And any time I hear it, it brings me back to that moment. But now that it's been years since we broke up, it strangely applies more now than it ever did.
If you've ever kept track of my cards about songs then you know that I have an issue when it comes to my past and how I somehow find myself trapped back there. I tend to romanticize it and make it seem like it was better than it actually was. And after revisiting this song after, well, years. And also looking through the lyrics, I found that it's definitely representative of my ex and the relationship I miss the most.
But listening to it now. It makes me realize that even when we were at the height of our relationship, it always felt like it wasn't going to last. We'd tell each other we'd get married, we'd shop around kids names, and we'd look at maps and plan vacations together. But deep down, we knew that the relationship was slowly heading towards its end.
Thanks again to @cindystran for tagging me in this challenge. It brought me back to a song (and band) I haven't listened to in a while.

Notable Lyrics:

Hold me close while you can, try to remember the end of December holding onto the past. It never comes back. And the hardest thing about this love is that it's never gonna last. And the hardest thing about this love is that you're never comin' back.
"And the hardest thing about this love is that it's never going to last." This is so true and it's also the very reason I realized I had to breakup with my ex. Thanks for sharing!
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