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So way back I met this boy. And oh boy was he something Or i could have been lying to myself? I guess we will Never know for sure. Well anyway, He portrayed himself As something from god Or maybe he was trying Too hard to be something that good. He will look into the eyes Of a strong women And tell her just what She wants to hear For his own selfish satisfaction That he so desprately craves Just like the things hes lacking That he wishes to recover. To get to know him better, His favorite color Well isnt a color at all But a shade to match Whats on the inside of this poor soul. Hes proud just as The god from down below. If he were to have horns They would be worth millions. The sweet beauty of evil That lingers behind Those hopeless eyes of his That shine just like the Pitchfork he so passionately carries. But all of this he knows. He calls himself things That i always argued against But oh my, What a mistake i made. He was only describing Who he truely is, But i thought he was just Criticizing himself. Whoops i misunderstood. And did my misunderstanding Sent me to ruins. There i was A strong, independent woman That saw the beauty In everything. You could call me old fashioned Because all the small things Meant the world to me, Even his tiny heart that beats Within his chest. I rarely cried nor broke. Nothing could ever break The smile upon my face But then, I ended up meeting him. He said all the right things That i had trouble believing So he started to bring His feelings into the situation, Its terrible that those feelings Were just his lies. He went deep into the core And once others started to believe So did i. When i looked at him I was blinded. I went blind from the evil That i could not see. Consider me a fool For believing the words From his mouth And cherishing His actions. Maybe i looked beyond What he pretends to be To try to make himself Feel better about himself And looked at who he could be. However, we did Have everything in common. We matched. Bonded like two droplets Of water. That can no longer be separated Because they have mixed. I have fallen in love. But only i fell for A liar Thirsty to not Feel so badly about himself. But he would rather Go around and destroy Beautiful womens hearts Then to stop being selfish And to let another Love him until He learns to love himself. But hes right And everyone else is wrong And no one can ever Reach his standards Even on their tippy toes, In his mind however. He would rather break others Then to repair himself. Take a hammer to others cars Because your car needs repairs. Sounds about right, right? And now hes taken me down. As i pick up the pieces of who I fought hard to become I realize that no one Should have the right To break who i am. He may have damaged me But he has not broken me down. So pick up your guitar my love, Strum the strings And play the sounds Of my footsteps As i walk away from you With no regrets aside me Because im stronger Than what you are.
very well written. the wound will heal with time.
That's pretty much my life now. and all my previous relationships.
your welcome @alyssastano
thank you @alucard9768