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Would you pick to be a VILLAIN OR HERO?
I love the bad guys I've always loved the Dark side heheheh so if I ever get super powers I would probably do something bad with them hahaha XD what about you guys? would you use your powers for good or evil??
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I'd adapt to what I have. What happens from there happens.
2 years ago·Reply
neither I would just do what I want. not especially good but not especially bad either
2 years ago·Reply
I think I'd just be on my side. I'd use my powers to protect what I care about, and let everything else happen as it will.
2 years ago·Reply
I'd be neither I would just do what ever I want so I would do exactly what I'm doing now... watching anime
2 years ago·Reply
ok lets be honest i would rob a bank in a goofy outfit then after i get the money . i would try to become a hero.
a year ago·Reply