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Alright, so maybe it's not technically "bridal," but this stunning Alfazairy gown is just too perfect for a bridal gown, in my opinion!
Look at that slit! The way the bodice wraps to the side with the plunging V-neck. The exposed back detail is modestly sexy, which complements the slender long sleeves.
When you think bridal gowns, especially for yourself, what goes through your mind? Is it style? Cut? Color? Designer?
I'd love to know more about what you're looking for in gowns.
This is beautiful! It can be my bridal gown any day! Now you mentioned, isn't it interesting we hardly see bridal gown in any colour other than white?
@cindystran I was thinking more of rosy pink and lilac blue, these mellow colours should match comfortably well with any wedding theme, but we don't really see wedding designers play with colours.
@Animaniafreak Actually in Korean culture and Chinese culture people wear red gowns!