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I have no answer just a convo I had with my son and thought I would bring it to my NAKAMA. Remember the ? not is he your favorite do you think of him when you think first anime hero not cartoon cliche, clean cut, well groomed, all American hero, not the fight loving, dimwitted, food loving, sometimes assh---ish and sometimes arrogant protagonist. Let's here it
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@BlackoutZJ I thought that but I chose Goku because it came before BAKI the grappler but I do agree a lot of people I know was turned to DBZ after watching BAKI
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Not for me no.... I'd chose Ash Ketchum before Goku. That's who I grew up with.
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Goku was the first of anime as we know it today. Astro Boy is a little dated, but even Dragonball is timeless. Younger people started else where and that's okay too. I guess this is more of a personal question, though Goku does predate them all
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no its pokemon
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