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You couldn’t bring yourself to throw the new flower away; it floated in a glass next to the purple one. His actions all scream interest and attraction, definitely attraction. However; his words are something else. It isn’t a language barrier, he knows exactly what he’s saying to you and it’s hurtful. Having other friends in Korea could only be a blessing so that you didn’t have to hang with nuthang. You have a meeting with the costume designer tomorrow, he seemed pretty nice. Hopefully this job will bring new friends through co-workers.
Jak shows up the next morning as you’re getting ready for your meeting.
“Hey, I’m home!”
You poke your head out of the bathroom, “Wow, she lives!”
“Rude!” She playfully smacks you as she passes to put her bag away.
“Be nice to me, I just took Jiyong to the airport.” She puts on her puppy dog pouty face.
You laugh and roll your eyes, “Ah, poor baby. Some of us can only live off listening about your social and personal life.”
“Speaking of personal life,” she walks back towards the bathroom and leans on the doorframe. “You doing okay?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”
She just looks at you, but as she turns she notices the flowers.
“[YN]? Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is.”
You look over her shoulder at the counter, “They’re flowers; what did you think they were?”
She turns wary eyes your way, “And where did that new one come from?”
All she has to do is look at you; you turn away to finish your make-up as she groans. “Tell me,” she demands and steps in front of the doorway with her arms folded.
“You aren’t getting out of here until you do.”
“He brought his member, Yi-jeong to a lunch meeting yesterday. I really like Yi-jeong,” you turn to smile at her, “you know he asked me out.”
You waggle your eyebrows at her, hoping your attempt to change the subject works.
“That’s suicide for him. Back to Kyungil, you had a lunch meeting.”
Ugh, she really is a dog with a bone sometimes,
“Fine. After we finished setting schedules, Yi-jeong and I started talking and Kyungil left.”
“And?” She points over at the counter, “keep going. I doubt he took that to the lunch and gave it to you in front of Yi-jeong if Yi-jeong asked you out.”
You take a frustrated breath and turn around; “He was waiting for me when I got back home. He kissed me, insulted me, and I threw him out. Happy now?”
You push your way past her to gather your work bags.
She hangs her head, “I just don’t understand him right now. He’s never been this way with anyone.”
She stands up and walks over to you, “Maybe I should talk to him? Or you just want me to fight him?”
You smile, there’s your feisty little redheaded friend, always the defender of those she loves. You give her a quick hug goodbye but tell her,
“No stay out of it. He doesn’t like me as a person but for some reason is attracted to me. It’s his problem to solve.”
You were right, Moon Geon Tae and you get along great. The ideas between set and costume bounce off seamlessly. You finish the meeting early and the two of you sit around getting to know one another.
“So darling girl, anyone hit on you since you arrived?”
You have to laugh; no one has called you ‘darling girl’ in forever.
“Yes, I guess.”
“You guess? Honey there is no guessing, either a man hits on you or he doesn’t.”
“I’ve been kissed twice by a man that insults me and claims to hate me. I’ve been asked out by a really cute guy that I have a lot in common with but can’t say yes to.”
“Well, why on earth not?”
“Because; they’re friends.”
“Oh my dear, that is a disaster. How long did you say you’ve been here? Two weeks? You’re going to bring South Korea to its knees if you end up staying here.”
You laugh, this is what you needed. A friend that has no idea who anyone is that can give you totally unsolicited advice, and is hilarious.
“I know! Let's help you forget all your troubles. My guys and I are headed out to go clubbing tonight, come with us. We’ll be your bodyguards, no more undesirables for you!”
“Can my roommate come? Her boyfriend left town today and I don’t want to leave her home alone.”
“Girl, bring whoever you want. The more the merrier!”
You text Jak and she gets back to you with a why not. You decide on the club and a time to meet outside for later that night. Your day is definitely looking up; you intend to forget all about Mr. Moodypants and his indecisiveness. You have a good feeling about tonight, things are about to change for the better!
Im sensing moidypants already being at the club or being one of the guys
Oooo clubbing with Geon Take sounds like it will be a blast!! Can't wait for the next update! Bet Mr. Moodypants will make an appearances! lol😉😉
love this I giggled at his response bringing south Korea yo it's knees
time to party, destress, and just wooo!!!
Ah, but his Moodypants look so good on him. I hope he decides to take them clubbing, maybe even tonight...
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