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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Warning: profanity ~~ intro ~~ This is a bad idea. ~~Kakao chat~~~ RapMonster: Y/N Myself and the others know what happened. RapMonster: Please answer this needs to be talked about and we can't keep going through lessons in anger/fear. Yoon-Hee: This is Y/Ns roomate she has been at the movies, but I agree just bring the guys to her dorm before she gets back so you have 45 minutes from now. RapMonster:... RapMonster: How did you get into her phone? Yoon-Hee: Not important, do we have a deal? RapMonster: Deal. ~~ dorm ~~ Seeing Star Wars in Korean is the weirdest thing I have possibly ever heard in my whole life..including putting anime with Russian dubbing. But it made for a good distraction for a little while. Uggh why do I have work tomorrow and why is the entire dorm in the hallway? You: What are you guys doing out here I thought we were watching Decendants of the Sun together? Random roomate: Yoon-Hee kicked us out. -_- I really want to see this episode please hurry in there! You: Aissh hold on to your nosejob I am sure everything will be okay. In fact it was not. In fact the moment you entered your doorcode and heard a hush in the room did you realize that you were set up. Right in front on the couch and floor was BTS staring at you. Yoon-Hee just popped up behind the door saying all the other doors are locked and she won't let us out until this issue is resolved. She must have been a general in her past life. RapMonster: Okay as we all know J-Hope and Jungkook had a fight during the Running Man filming, but the other members and I don't know why. Jungkook: Because Hoseok can't keep his tiny dick in his pants. J-Hope: At least I have a dick when you don't have the balls to talk to girls! You just followed her around for the WHOLE FILMING! Suga: YAHH! You both need to calm the fuck down! Neither of you have big dicks just deal with it and stop yelling it's freaking out y/n. You: First of all Kookie please understand that J-Hope kissed me we didn't just 'kiss'. and J-Hope you're a grower not a show-er...I could feel it. You both need to get along not for me, but for yourselves. Also J-Hope don't kiss me again. ???: Well said babe. The other 6 BTS members: BABE??
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