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Jimin's eyes are AMAZING!!! He can go from cute to sexy with just a single look. It is crazy what he can do with them! His eye smile drives me crazy too! 😝
See! Look at how cute that is! He drives me insane! 😍
I cannot say it better than this, so I will include a quote from a guy who was asked on the street which member of BTS was more enticing to girls. He replied that it was Jimin, and his explanation is perfect: "I think his eye-smile that captures people in like an unexplainable black hole is really charming." I agree sir, I agree.
Jimin does not need make-up! He is so perfect! His eyes are so beautiful both with and without it.
See this? He is both sexy and cute, at the same time! HOW?
Here is sexy Jimin. Look at those eyes. His eyes are everything.
What even is this?
What. Even. Is. This.
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His eye smile along with his laugh is the answer to world peace. I strongly believe that.
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He has such pretty eyes!!!!
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Those pretty eyes are life! That eye smile is everything!
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I never noticed he had a dimple
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