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Sorry for missing out on last week, I got to busy with school work! Today's theme is Anime shows that you watched when you were a kid!


Pokemon! i'm sure all of you remember these Pokemon! and wanting to go out there and catch all of the 151 Pokemon at the time right?
Yu-Gi-Oh! I remember watching this on 4kids and I myself was and still a fan of this show, I also started to collect the cards at the time, but a last I only have one and I don't remember what happen to the rest.
To be honest, I'm not a huge DragonBall Z fan, but I know a lot of people are obsessed of this show, and I always remember seeing this every Saturday morning from 10a.m. - 11a.m. on 4kids t.v.
Naruto i'm not a huge fan of Naruto but i'm sure a lot of you saw this anime when you were a kid :)
Magical DoReMi! I loved this show when I was little, on 4kids they always aired the girl shows 7a.m. so I would always wake up super early to watch Magical DoReMi, and the Winx club, but Winx it is a cartoon created and produced in Italy (which I never knew about that)

what anime show and/or cartoon show do you remember watching when you were a kid?

plus when i was little i used to have my imaginary pokemon gang follow me around and keep me safe at night, but come daytime i had my konoha headband and was throwing sticks and calling them kunai 😂
pokemon, inuyasha, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, power puff girls, and yu yu Hakusho
pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and naruto! i always loved watching ash and naruto develop into a better shinobi/trainer 😄
Anyone else remember watching Zoids!? That was my Saturday morning!
Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!
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