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Gary and Angela Williams from Lancashire, England were alerted to the lump of ambergris by its unusual smell. Also known as whale vomit, it's used by perfumers to make scent last longer and fetches high prices due to its rarity.
The substance, often called "floating gold," is produced only by a tiny percentage of sperm whales. If it is genuine ambergris, the British couple's lump could be worth an estimated $70,000. They are reportedly in negotiation with potential buyers in New Zealand and France.
Can you believe this? A lump of whale vomit is going to rake in a 70k payday for this lucky couple.
Seems like I need to spend more time looking for more hidden treasures on the beach.
Sexy date idea XD @mchlyang I think it's that it's really rare? I guess whales aren't big partiers
haha who's is it?
Why is whale vomit worth so much?
I gotta go to the beach too
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