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I didn't really know how to feel when my fellow Yakpak sis @Tigerlily84 showed me these pics of our precious unicorn.
Look at how exhausted and drained he looks!!!! He even had to receive help to walk because he was so weak.
Yixing's health along with the rest of EXO has always been a problem when it came to SM. But this is inexcusable. SM Entertainmet has proven over and over again to us how harsh and critical they can be with their idols.
Not to mention that only a few weeks ago at the 16th Chinese Music Chart Awards Yixing had once again collapsed right after EXO's performance. It's clearly seen how tired he was and I can only imagine the pain he was feeling. This video literally brought tears to my eyes.
I really don't want Yixing to leave EXO but if that's what it takes for him to get away from this mistreatment I wouldn't mind at all. Of course it would be his decision. But when you consider the fact that he has desperately begged SM to let him come out with a solo album they still have made no move towards it.

How do you feel about these pictures and SM's treatment of idols overall??

What breaks my heart even more is that the other members just walked right by..
Sm has me so pissed I swear they have great talent but treat their artist like sh*t it gets me so mad!!! I love Lay but I wouldn't care if he left exo at this point I just want him healthy.
Let the SM Hunger Games begin!! EXO L's vs. SM; Unfortunately all of their idols are unable to continue due to them being overworked and treated harshly.
I've already said many times before how much I hated SM Entertainment. I'm sick and tired of seeing idols that I actually like, or any idol in that company, being treated like this. I've seen way to many fancams of idols falling or collapsing in exhaustion while on stage, and majority of those idols are signed under SM. People think it's funny seeing them slip and fall, but I don't think it's funny at all. EXO is better off with any other company, but they all decided to be signed under SM Entertainment. I'll support them, and only the members, but never the company.
@PrincessUnicorn I am going to refrain from commenting ALL I want to say 馃檴 and just say this, I want what is best for Lay. If that means he leaves and does his own thing in China, I will support him just like I do LuHan. I am not one of those idiot fans that think the guys that leave are betrayers and don't exist anymore.
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