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The entire Major League Baseball will come together on April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson, the first baseball player to break the color barrier.

And in order to make this day special, the MLB announced all the details that would follow on Jackie Robinson Day.

First, all the teams playing at home will host a pre-game ceremony to commemorate Jackie Robinson and his contribution to the sport and racial equality. The Dodgers, that originally took Jackie Robinson (when they were formerly the Brooklyn Dodgers), will have Rachel and Sharon Robinson on the field with them.
Second, every player and coaching staff on the field will wear the number 42 (Jackie Robinson's jersey number). The number has been retired by the entire league and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, was the last active player to wear the number. It will however be worn by everyone on Jackie Robinson Day.
Third, the MLB have pledged to be more committed to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides scholarships to students and it will partner up with the MLB to set these students up with mentors as well.
Although a lot of things have changed since Jackie Robinson played baseball, racism still exists in our society. As we remember the courage and determination demonstrated by Jackie Robinson on the Jackie Robinson Day, we should all remember that the fight against discrimination is not over just yet.

Thank you Jackie!

Respect. Glad the MLB is doing this annually!
Legendary player....the MLB made the right decision to retire his number for all the teams a few years ago.
I really admire him! I'm glad they're doing this