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Okay, after 50 years I'm back!! 😃 I think I'll open up the request for y'all, if you want a ship. ☺️ Just simply fill the form out! Name: Group(s): Looks and personality: A description of how you look and what your like! Groups I will do: BTS Exo Got7 Ikon Seventeen Big Bang Monsta X That's it for now and you can request for 3 groups! ☺️ Thank you!
Can I be shipped? •My name is Ximena (Himena) •GOT7, BTS or iKon •I'm 5'2-5'3 •I love to sing, dance, rap and song write a little • I have brown hair and brown eyes • My favorite animal is wolves and my spirit animal is a wolf • I'm kinda tomboyish but not girly either • I exercise on the weekends but I mostly do dancing • I'm really shy at first but I'm really random once you get to know me • I. LOVE. ANIME • My friends think I'm the 'mom' of the group 😂 • I'm in band and I play the clarinet? (idk what to put anymore😂)
I want to be shipped!!!~^^ -My name's Nina -EXO, BTS, or GOT7 -I'm 5'0" -I have light brown hair and hazel/mostly brown eyes -I love the colors red and black -I love animals, especially Lizards -I love read fantasy stories, but I don't read as much as I would like to -I love to draw -I'm a good listener, but I prefer telling stories except most people don't care to listen -I'm shy around strangers, mostly adults and I kind of have social anxiety -I love to dance, sing, and rap -Other than K-pop, I usually listen to punk pop songs and certain rap songs -I love writing my own stories -I'm a dark kind of tomboy -I hate sports and exercising (other than dance which I love!) -I act like I'm super dark and creepy to my friends -I love to smile and laugh, and making other people laugh -I don't like talking about myself or about my problems -I'm not competitive, I just like to be aggressive -I'm usually pretty calm and chill, but if I'm super happy I will be loud -I hate drama -I love video games and anime/manga -I usually hide my emotions because I hate expressing them, so even if I'm having a bad day I'll usually pretend to be happy -I dislike love, meaning I'm not very optimistic about it and I hate it when people talk to me about their relationships and I hate romance films and books, but I still would like to be shipped...? cx Ummm too much information!!!! I'm sorry XD
@crookedshadow your ship is up :) Thanks for requesting, I hoped you enjoyed it.
@MrsBangYongguk *high five* ^-^
@CrookedShadow *highfive*
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