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Nakama Campfire Challenge is coming close to an end everyone! And today's prompt is Who do I think deserves a spin-off show of their own!? I've picked 3 for this one and here they are!
Up first we have have the One True God Tet! Previously know as The God of Play until he won the Eternal War by getting the Star Cup before any other. I for one would like to see how he first became a god and how he won the cup over all the others, I think it would be pretty interesting!
Next we have the beautiful oracle, Rory Mercury! Also know as Rory the Reaper! How was she chosen in the 1st place? What was it like for her!? I want to know and I'm sure others would too! This one would be fun!
And here we have Hisoka The Magician! Not much is know about him outside of what we learn in the show. What made him into the maniac he is today!? Has he ever really truly been beaten!? What's the reason he wants to kill strong opponents!? These are things I want to know and I'm sure some of you do too!
Well that's all for this card! Hope one day we can get spin-offs of these characters! Until next time! @InVinsybll @hikaymm
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yes! I support this!