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Sleeping on the couch with Jiho had been amazing but sleeping in an actual bed, snuggled up to him ; heaven. His schedule didn't start until 7am; 4 hours sleep wasn't too bad.
When his alarm goes off he groans and curls himself more around you. Hmm, how to wake him up? You slide your hands down and try to tickle him, you receive only a grunt. You blow in his ear, only to receive a swat on your backside. Last ditch effort, you reach over and bite him on the shoulder. He retaliates by biting back on your earlobe and growling,
"Woman, you're going to make me late."
"It isn't me who ignored his alarm."
He groans and rolls over onto his back, "I have to say; as far as sleepless nights go? That's the best short sleep I've ever had." He turns over, kisses you on the top of the head and climbs out.
"Time to work."
Looking at his schedule, you know they will be in the practice room all day. You decide to surprise all of them with a snack break. When you arrive you check with reception and receive a go ahead with the room number they're in. You can hear the music from the hall, and wait patiently for it to end before you open the door. Tired, sweaty faces look over as you enter the room.
"Anybody need a break?" you ask as you hold up the bags you have,
Jiho smiles and wanders over, "Hey babe, what are you doing here?"
"Thought I'd surprise you and give all these hard working guys a treat."
You smile up at him as he takes the bags from your hands. He passes one over to P.O. and the other to Ukwon. He leans over and pecks you on the lips, "I'm really sweaty".
"I can see that," you comment, hands out to the side.
"Dude, your girlfriend is the best!" B-Bomb calls out from.
Jiho turns and catches the ice cream bar mid-flight.
"Psh, I don't need you guys to tell me that."
He shares his ice cream with you, the guys behaving since they all have their mouths full.
You grab the garbage and go to say goodbye. He grabs you by the arm as you reach the door.
"Can we change up the schedule a little bit?"
You look over, confused. "Sure, is everything okay?"
He gives you a heart stopping smile, "More than okay. I just want to see how you feel about spending the night again."
You reach up and kiss him, this time to cat calls. "What time will you be home?"
"Not soon enough."
Aaawwweee! They are just soooooo sweet! 馃槞馃槞馃槞I'm getting cavities from reading this hehe! I like sweet tho!! 馃槈馃槈馃槈
mmmm love bites 馃槅馃構馃槉馃槈 why does he have to be so stinking cute!?
No ! Thank you 馃槉 @GriseldaZenger
Sure thing @milcalopez963 and thank you :)
@GriseldaZenger can you please tag on your future short stories ! I like this one .
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