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Introducing the New Rays Hitting Coach!

This is Super Dog Max.

And there is a reason why he is called a "Super Dog". Max is a certified therapy dog and has been on television multiple times. Thus, in order to celebrate Dog Day at Tropicana Field, the Rays brought in Max!
Check out more photos of Max below!
He can keep the field clean.
He knows how to chill like a ballplayer at the dugout.
He can even drive a cart for god's sake!
And last but not least, he can give batting advice to players!

And they better listen to him because he's Super Dog Max.

The Rays might be hitting better now haha
Hahaha he looks more like a human than a dog in all these pics!
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I'm Ashamed of My Hometown
San Diego, get your shit together. Each year at the Padres stadium, Petco Park, the LGBT society in SD holds an event called "Out at the Park" that is meant to bring the community together for an evening of baseball. This year, Petco Park really, really screwed up. The San Diego Men's Gay Chorus was meant to sing the national anthem before the game to represent the LGBT community for this event. Their voices were never heard. The stadium let them take the field, and then as they were about to sing, a recorded female voice instead sang the anthem (which, if you've been to a Padres game, isn't something that happens - we always have live singing) The men had to walk off the field hearing people shouting profane, homophobic things at them. The Padres said it was a mistake, a technical error, a third party contractor, and that they were sorry. But that doesn't explain the other examples of mistreatment. Days prior to the game, the Padres organization told the performers that the chorus would have to pay for their tickets in order to sing. This is not something that happens, ever. If you perform the national anthem, you get to enter the park for free, DUH. Why did the Padres suddenly want this now? That would have cost the small organization thousands of dollars, and after dispute they were finally allowed in as performers. You can listen to their great voices here when they performed in 2015. It's a pity their voices weren't heard this year. Get it together Padres, you're a disappointment in baseball but don't be a disappointment to your entire community.
MLB Top Plays of the Day (09/21/15)
Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day! 5. Asdrubal Cabrera (Tampa Bay Rays) Big Papi lines one to second but is caught by Asdrubal Cabrera! Pedroia was already running towards third and Cabrera wasn't going to let him off the hook just yet. He races to second base and makes it into a double play. The leaping catch alone was great, but him beating Pedroia to the bag made the play so much better. Despite the unassisted double play, the Rays fall to the Red Sox 8-7. 4. Aaron Hill (Arizona Diamondbacks) It was a ground ball hit by Crawford but Aaron Hill dived for it and managed to stop it. He stayed down on the ball and even though he didn't catch it perfectly, he picked up the ball on his knees and threw it in time to get Crawford out at first and end the inning. The Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers 8-4. 3. Kole Calhoun (Los Angeles Angels) Another beautiful assist from the outfield. It was a base hit all right but what was the third base coach thinking when he waved in Altuve? I mean Altuve's pretty fast all right, but you don't want to underestimate Kole Calhoun's arm. Calhoun guns down Altuve from right field and it was right on the money. The Angels however fall to the Astros, 6-3. 2. Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs) And our stud from Chicago makes it in the Top 5 Plays of the Day. (Oh, just in case you haven't checked out my "Cubs Star Kris Bryant Surprises Fans" card, you def should!) Anyways, this was one of the strangest plays ever. The wild pitch bounces off the screen and goes all the way to third and Bryant caught it. Scooter Gennett thinks he can advance all the way to first but Bryant's not going to let him have it and dives to third to get him out. The Brewers challenged the play, but nope, Bryant definitely got him out. The Cubs beat the Brewers 9-5. 1. David Price (Toronto Blue Jays) Our number one play of the day comes from David Price! The ball was lined right to the mound, but somehow David Price managed to catch the ball! It was going right towards his face and I don't even know how Price reacted to that. One thing's for sure. I am so glad he caught that. If he hadn't....well, I don't even want to think about it. The Blue Jays come on top of the Yankees 4-2 with an exceptional pitching performance by none other than David Price. Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games! What was your favorite play of the day? @christianmordi @jeff4122 @ljk901023 @TessStevens @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl @Starbell808 *If you guys would like to be tagged every time I upload a Top 5 Plays of the Day card, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!
The Woman Who Struck Out Babe Ruth
And Lou Gehrig too. On April 2, 1931 the seventeen year-old Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back. They were arguably the deadliest hitting duo in baseball history, and she did it in only seven pitches. Which is pretty damn impressive. Less impressive is what happened afterwards. "They are too delicate. It would kill them to play ball every day." Ruth wasn't the most gracious in defeat (via), and some historians have dismissed the exhibition game as an April Fool's Prank. It's unlikely that Ruth would have been visibly upset if he struck out on purpose, nor would he have asked the umpire to inspect the ball. And a few days later, Mitchell's contract was voided on the basis that baseball was "too strenuous" for women. Yeah, beating some of the most famous players of all time sounds really strenuous. What if she broke a nail?! /sarcasm She kept playing anyway. So clearly the game wasn't TOO strenuous (she died in 1987 at the age of 74). She joined the amateur team House of David in 1933, and retired in 1937. Meanwhile, women weren't formally banned from the MLB until 1952, though unofficially they were often kept off the field. Such was the case for Eleanor Engle, who never took the field. The President of the minor leagues stated that no contract with a woman would be approved because “not in the best interest of baseball that such travesties be tolerated.” In the 1970s girls were allowed to join Little League, in the 80s women joined college baseball, and in the 1990s, Ila Borders joined the St. Paul Saints of the independent Northern League. But no female player has reached the majors (yet). But the 100-year anniversary of the time a teenage girl struck out some of the toughest hitters in baseball history. Maybe it'll happen again in 2031?
MLB Top Plays of the Day (10/01/15)
Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day! 5. Adam Warren (New York Yankees) Clayton Kershaw is not the only one who can make the behind-the-back catches! Adam Warren made this amazing play and led the Yankees to clinch a spot in the postseason. They beat their archrival, the Boston Red Sox 4-1 and earned their spot in the American League Wild Card spot. Congrats Yankees fans! 4. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels) Well, he wasn't going to let Kole Calhoun be the only player to make the list. He is one of the most fearless baseball players in the league. He'll do anything it takes to lead his team to victory and that is exactly what he did last night. He was going back fearlessly and caught that ball despite running into the wall, full-speed. Even though he did not get the runner on second, he saved a potential RBI double. The Angels fell to the Rangers 5-3. 3. Yadiel Rivera (Milwaukee Brewers) It was a grounder in the hole, but Yadiel Rivera caught the ball back hand perfectly. It didn't stop there. He threw a laser beam and it was delivered perfectly two the first baseman to get the out. The Brewers however fell to the Padres 3-1. 2. Josh Hamilton (Texas Rangers) Josh Hamilton has been through a lot but there is no doubt that he is one of the most talented ballplayers out there. He proved that once again against the Angels when Victorino sent one way back to left field. He went backwards, slid, and caught that ball right in front of the fence! The runner on third scored, but Hamilton's catch was just unbelievable. The Rangers beat the Angels 5-3 and dropped their magic number to one for the AL West division title. 1. Kevin Kiermaier (Tampa Bay Rays) Kevin Kiermaier makes the number one play of the day once again! Ichiro gets a base hit, but we know Kiermaier has one of the best arms in the league. He threw one down perfectly to home and stopped a potential tying run. That was his 15th assist of the season. The Rays beat the Marlins 4-1. Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games! What was your favorite play of the day? @christianmordi @jeff4122 @ljk901023 @TessStevens @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl @Starbell808 @jokes @DonnaMelton @BEAUTYgirlARIEL @David19Flo23 @karencorchado @SamuelRodriguez @xitlalicordova1 @AndrewMaldonado @Shippudenguy21 *If you guys would like to be tagged every time I upload a Top 5 Plays of the Day card, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!