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Information contained on the wraparound jacket band of the seventh volume of Adachitoka’s ‘Noragami’ manga confirms that a TV anime adaptation has been given the go ahead for production to start. The manga is set at the boundary between one realm and another, here lies eight million Gods, dead spirits, and other assorted spirits who interfere with human affairs. A middle school girl called Hiyori Iki has been under strain from bullying from her classmates, and as she goes to the restroom to cry, she notices writing on the wall saying, “I solve your troubles”, with a phone number beneath. With nowhere else to turn Hiyori calls the number, upon doing this she encounters someone who proclaims himself as a ‘God’, however his power is not that of answering peoples prayers but rather to cut all who pass between the two worlds. The manga originally saw a release by Adachi in the Kodansha’s ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine’ back in 2011, along with one-shot short stories also running in ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine +’.