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He's are adorable and Smexy Eomma of Got7. He makes us thirsty all the time. A week late but no better time than today Thirsty Thursday to post his Fallen angel one shot. It will have a smut alternate ending which will be after the fluff section and will have a Pic warning for those who do not want to read it. You do not have to read it because it does not add anything to the story. Welp I hope you enjoying this one shot. He's a fallen angel and your the girl that makes him feel like he found redemption. Enjoy reading.
Junior's POV I calmly looked down below at the people walking by. Here I stand on top of the JYP building contemplating the choices I have made. I first decision I made was to fall here to South Korea after my brother JB. My brothers would say I fell from the oasis of heaven because I fell in love with a girl, a charge. This is not the case. I was never in love with anyone but my calling of taking care of others. I had healing powers as a guardian angel but I was a total failure to help my brother who was hurting. When I fell I lost almost all my healing powers but I still have some in reverse for an emergency. Being part of an idol group with my brothers is fun. We bring so much joy to all. I especially love being their ear, shoulder, and someone to joke around with. They tease me and call me Eomma but if I am Eomma JB is Appa. We balance the others out. Though lately, I am stuck wondering who will take care of me. My fears, worries, and sorrows are taking a toll on me. I sometimes feel as if I have no one to turn to. I don't want to be bothersome to them. My smile has become dimmer and I feel the last of my strength fading. Here I am standing on the edge of the roof of JYP looking down contemplating. Not contemplating whether to jump or not but pondering all the sadness in the world. How can I make our fans smile and shine brighter. Where is my happiness? I turn from the edge and walk to the door. I descend the stairs all the way to the ground floor. I walk out into the night air. As I walk I collide with a force that knocked all sense from my body. I grab her arms and steady her. I apologize profusely. "It's ok. Really I was not watching where I was going. I am sorry. I hope you have a good night sir," A voice so pure and sweet says. A smile that holds me still. Eyes so warm and expressive. "No, its quite ok! I smile back at her. I am…" "No need, Jinyoung or Junior. I am a fan. Well I need to go. I have to get to my night shift at the hospital." She takes off and I turn and watch her. She turns once more and waves, as I shout "Wait, what's your name?" She shouts back "My name is (y/n)." I watch her until I can not see her anymore. I wonder what she does at the hospital. Probably a nurse. She looks to young to be a doctor. For days all I do is think about her. I spend countless times wondering if I will ever see her again or run into her. The days turns into weeks and I start pondering the sadness and my own self doubts. We are getting ready for a fan sign event. The fan sign event was successful. (y/n), didn't lie she was a fan. I she came to each one of us. I signed her photo and wrote my number on it. She was surprised I remembered her name but the smile she gave me quieted the inner workings of myself. Its been weeks since the fan sign, and still no word from (y/n). One day late at practice with Jackson and Mark I hurt myself pretty badly. They took me to the hospital. At the hospital I run into (y/n). She stops and talks with us. Makes jokes as she examines my angels. A nurse comes in and sees her. "Dr. (l/n), I can take him now for x-ray it is free." She nods her head and smiles. "Gosh, you are so amazing being a doctor at such a young age, I blurt out." She giggles. "Thank you." She walks out as I get taken for x-rays. I come back from x-rays. She enters and proceeds to tell me that I did not break anything but severely sprained my ankle. I need to stay off of it for at least a week. I return back to the dorm. I look down and see I have a text notification. I open it up. "I seriously mean a week. R. I. C. E which means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation." I smile. "Awe now I have your number. I've been waiting for you to text." I sent the reply. The week went by agonizingly slow. The only thing was (y/n), kept texting me to check up on me and then to also to just chat.
It's been months since she started texting me. I smile is more bright. I don't worry as much. I am meeting her at the hospital to pick her up on a date. As I smile as I see her coming. Her face lights up, and she waves. She's twenty feet in front of me and my world stops. A man pulls a gun and shoots her. He is shouting it is her fault his daughter did not survive. Security guards disarm him and take him down. Doctors run to her and begin life saving endeavors. My heart feels as if it has stopped beating. Tears fall from my face. I wait outside the surgery room. Hours pass. I sit there and pray. I have always prayed and that never changed. But right now in this moment my pray turns to a plea to God. I feel time stop and his arm outstretched to me. "Take my hand son. You will be the one to save her. I know you love her and in order for her to survive I had to stop time for you to come in and use your healing power. I should tell you the choice is yours, but if you use your healing power you will be human and will take on part of her injury upon yourself and need to be hospitalized for two weeks along with her. Your body will stay out here and appear in cardiac arrest as I take your spirit to her. Lay down upon her body and find her spirit and lead it back." I don't hesitate and take his hand. He smiles down at me and I feel even more of my healing power return like when I was an angel up in heaven. He leads me into the surgery room and I lay my spirit form over her body, chest to chest, legs to legs, head to head and look inside her mind.
(y/n) pov I feel my energy life force slowly leaving out my body. I walk towards the light and think to myself, "I am never going to be able to confess my love to Jinyoung." I walk more towards the light but I hear a voice calling me in the distance. I turn around and see a figure. It looks like Jinyoung. "(y/n), (y/n) don't go towards the light. Come back towards me. I need to tell you something." I look at him. I feel a calming presence from him. I look back at the light. It's so pretty and inviting. I look at him once more. His hand outstretched to me. "Please (y/n) take my hand. If you go towards the light I won't be able to see you. I won't be able to hold you, tell you I love you, make food for you, or tell you how the sadness of the world seems bearable and less with you in it. You make me feel complete." His words sends little pings to my heart. My hand outstretches to his. The pressure and pain in my chest slowly alleviating. He grabs my hands and pulls me towards him. His lips press mine. The light disappear. The noise of a machine returns. "Beep…beep…beep…beep". Her vitals are now stable, Doctor. I still feel the presence of his lips faintly on mine.
JR POV A nurse found me and performed CPR on me as (y/n) became stable. I return to my body once again. A doctor and another nurse come with a gurney and hoist me on it. Seems I went into shock. I get set up in a room as does (y/n). She would come visit me and I would smile and hold her hand. She told me about her near death experience. I told her she was correct and wasn't hallucinating. The two weeks passed in a blur. I went and stayed with (y/n) at her place for more monitoring. Its been 8 weeks since she was shot. Tonight will be my last night here before returning to my idol duties. We are laying down in her bed. I roll her over underneath me. I peer down into her warm eyes. "(y/n)…KISS…I…kiss nose…LOVE…kiss lips…YOU!" she brings her arms up around my neck and says against my lips in between small pecks… "I love you too." I sigh and roll off of her and bring her into my side let's cuddle and sleep I say. I smell her hair. She lays her head down near my heart. "Our hearts beat in sync." I smile down at her. "They will now and forever you literally have a piece of my heart and I have a piece of yours."
She gets up and looks at me. She sits on me and leans forward kissing me. My arms wrap around her. My hands sneak up under her shirt and finds the clasp of her bra. I undo it. I moan against her mouth as she bites my bottom lip. She breaks the kiss and takes her shirt off over head and then her bra off one arm then the next. I bite my lip. My hands go up and fondle her perfect boobs. As she arches her back her womanhood glides over my harden member. She gasps as I pinch her nipples. My hand leaves her boons and travel down her sides. I then wrap my arm around her waist and flip our positions. I look down at her and bite my lip. I descend and capture her lips with mine. I slowly trail kisses down her jawline. To her neck taking little nips here and there, down to her chest. I capture one nipple in my mouth, and the other I use my finger and thumb and pinch. As I swirl my tongue round one and pinch the other. Then kiss from one breast to the other. And take her other nipple in my mouth and suck and lick it. Her little moans and her hand in my hair pressing her boob further in my mouth. The sounds of pleasure coming from her mouth giving me more confidence and exciting me more. I move from her breast and kiss my way down her stomach to her shorts. I use my hands to slide down her shorts. I press kisses and bites up her legs. Getting near and nearer to her lace panties. I suck her clit through her panties. Her moans getting louder. "Oh good, sweetheart, you are so wet for me. You taste so sweet." The sight of her in just her panties is truly the most beautiful sight to behold. Her disheveled hair, swollen lips, and lust filled eyes staring at me has me in a trance and I become harder. I take my, hands and rip her panties off her. I start to kiss back up her legs, alternating little kisses and nips up her legs to her core. Then I lick her center, her core. I start slowly and then use my hand to rub her nub. Her hands go to my hair as I lick and bite. As I start to lick faster her legs wrap around the back of my head trapping me. As her hips ride my face. I feel her tensing up. With one last lick I thrust my tongue inside as she screams my names. She unwraps her legs from my head. Her breathing starting to slowly return to normal. I lean down and capture her mouth. I feel her feet go to my boxers pushing them down. I stop our kiss and help take my boxers off. She stares at my manhood, and licks her lips. She kneels up on the bed and stares at me and pushes me backwards. She trails kisses down my face to my chest. Slowly nipping and kissing a trail straight down to my manhood. When her lips wrap around me I have to think of something so I don't blow right there. She takes me slowly inch by inch until I hit the back of her throat. She hums and the vibrations from her mouth adds an intense pleasure. She comes back up slowly and then goes back down. Increasing her speed a little at a time. Her teeth grazing my member adding a little pit of more pleasure. My hands go to her hair and holds her there for a moment, and then I release her. As I feel about to come I tell her to stop. She looks up at me and I grab a condom from the nightstand. I sheath my member as I sit up and push her on to her back. I enter her in one smooth motion. Slowly thrusting at first. Then when I hit her spot and she screams. I angle my hips better and speed up. Her hips meeting mine. Her feet digging in my back as I lean down and capture her mouth. Her nails meet my back. Scratching down as I hit her spot over and over again. As I feel her walls clench and tighten around me. I moan out her name as she screams mine. I collapse on top of her. I feel and hear our hearts beating as one. Playing our very own love song. I lean up and take her hand and press it to my chest over my heart as I press mine over hers. "Our hearts only beat for each other. Singing and harmonizing our love song. Do you feel it? My heart only will beat for you and yours only beats for me. Together they make the perfect love song. I literally have a piece of your heart as you do mine now and forever. Our love will never change. I Love You." I lean down and capture her lips as I leave her entrance. "I have only ever loved you and will continue to do so for Forever Jinyoung."
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@OliviaZenger Here. Read this. I hope that it stabs your feels.