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Ugh another day of being the "ugliest girl at school" as people say. I can see why though I fit none of Korea's beauty standards. I slowly put on my school uniform. It's just another day (y/n) it's just another day. Hopefully it's going to be better than yesterday but I doubt that. "MOM I'M LEAVING!" "OK SWEETIE" I put in my earphones and started walking to the hell I call school. I walk into school to the beat of BTS's Run. "Oh look what the cat dragged in" Great Park Seong isn't dead meaning beatings. Perfect. Her boyfriend walked up to me and swung. "No will save you, your just the school pig" I curled myself into a ball to avoid any major injures. "Come on oppa let's not waste in more time on her" Seong soon left with her boy toy leaving me on the ground wallowing in pain. I soon got up and headed to class hoping I wasn't late. As I walked into class people started whispering, normal, what wasn't normal was someone was sitting in my seat. "e-e-excuse me I sit here" "oh I'm so sorry I didn't know " "i-i-it's okay" "My name is Youngjae by the way!" "i-i-i wouldn't talk to me anymore it's not safe" "What do you mean?" "n-n-nothing class is starting" He quickly sat in front of me. 'oh God he is going to get himself killed being near me.' The teacher took roll not noticing we had new student. 'Idiot doesn't even know his own class' -time skip to lunch cause this is boring- I grabbed my stuff and went to the tree outside to eat. "Hey what's up man?" Youngjae said sitting by me. "you sh-shouldn't sit near me" 'Good he's hot. OMG DID I JUST THINK THAT!' "Why not???" "look the pig found herself a boyfriend!" "t-t-thats w-why" "oh. Well there opinions don't matter I think your pretty and only my and your opinion matter!" "w-why yours???" "Because I'm your best friend and I'll stand by you til the end!!!" "thank you youngjae" 'I think I can start loving myself with your help so I be forever thankful.'
OK so that was Youngjae's fanfic. Now I will do one vixx because of there comeback which I'm not ready for I'm gonna die. Especially because of Leo.