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Ch. 9
“Hey that hurts.” Jimin said to Suga as Suga pulled him walking fast down the hall. Jimin stops walking making Suga jerk to a stop. Suga turns towards Jimin looking at his face and the confused and hurt look on his face.
“I’m sorry I hurt your arm are you okay?” Suga asks Jimin who starts rubbing his arm, Jimin nods his head.
“Yeah I’m fine what’s wrong Yoongi?” Jimin asks, Suga just gives Jimin an odd look and scoffs.
“Well, for one you allowed Jungkook to kiss you, without fighting him off.” Suga replied. Jimin smirked and walked closer to Suga pushing him up against the wall.
“You mean like this.” Jimin moves in slowly and kisses Suga passionately moving his hands to cup his face. Suga melts into the kiss, he loves how soft and plump Jimin’s lips are, he can’t get enough of them, but Suga was supposed to be upset with Jimin and not fall for his seduction. Suga pushes Jimin away.
“Jungkook kissed me forcefully, I didn’t want it I was shocked when he did it, I was about to push him away when you came in and pulled him off.” Jimin explained to Suga.
“Are you jealous?” Jimin asks turning his head to the side and kissing on Suga’s cheek and then slowly moving down his neck. Suga shakes his head “no,” and Jimin chuckles on Suga’s neck. Suga feeling Jimin’s warm breath on his neck makes his body shiver and Suga starts to breath faster along with his racing heart. Jimin looks back at Suga.
“Yoongi, I fell in love with you, I want you I don’t want Jungkook, it wasn’t a real love with Jungkook it was more of a crush. I felt disgusted when he kissed me.” Jimin was looking at Suga’s face for a response but did not receive one.
“I, I was scared that he would take you away from me. I love you Jimin I don’t want to lose you.” Suga confessed just how deep his feelings for Jimin were. Jimin at that moment realized just how much Suga loved him and how much he loved Suga, he never felt this with Jungkook, that’s how he knew that his love for Suga was the real deal, and in that moment Jimin gave all of his heart to Yoongi.
“Hey man, we need to get going to the ASC filming. Oops, sorry.” Tae said as he walked in on Jimin and Suga having a moment embracing each other. Both glared at Tae but eventually started to laugh. They walked out together to meet the rest of the group as Tae went to the bathroom where he bumped into Jungkook.
“Hey Kookie, you awake?” We need to get going man.” Tae poked Jungkook in the face and snapped him out of his trance.
“Oh sorry V hyung.” Jungkook straightens up and walks out of the bathroom. Tae was a bit butt hurt that Jungkook didn’t smile or acted like his goofy self. He wondered if Jungkook was really okay with his relationship with J-hope. Tae finishes up in the bathroom and walks out towards the van. Tae is looking around for J-hope, and sees him across the street, he’s about to walk across when he’s suddenly pulled away.
“Hey man, you need to pay attention.” Jungkook scolded Tae. Tae just nods his head.
“Sorry man, I was thinking.” Tae replies. J-hope comes running across to meet Tae and Jungkook.
“Hey you okay Tae?” J-hope asks. Tae nods his head and pats J-hope’s shoulder.
“Yeah hyung I’m good Jungkook pulled me out of the way in time.” Tae says as he pats Jungkook on the back. Jungkook smiles at his hyung’s and heads for the van. Normally that touch would upset Jungkook, but he didn’t feel anything. “This is crazy.” Jungkook thought to himself.
“Finally, we can spend the rest of the evening relaxing.” Tae said as the boys entered the dorm. The boys piled in and dropped their things on the floor a few collapsing on the chair’s.
“Let’s have pizza tonight hyung, let’s be lazy.” Suga suggested and everyone was in agreement. Jin orders pizza and slowly everyone picks up their things and moved it to their rooms.
“Hey you wanna watch a movie?” Jungkook suggested.
“Okay sure, but nothing scary, I don’t like scary.” Hobi says. The guys laughed, Tae grabs Hobi’s hand.
“I’ll protect you Jagiya” Tae says to Hope, who gives him an annoyed face.
“Let’s watch this one.” Jungkook of course held out Paranormal activity, Hobi was shaking his head.
“It’s not that scary hyung, it’s actually funny.” Jungkook reassured Hope.
“Pizza’s here come and get it.” Jin yells, six boys came running there’s something about pizza and males it’s a loving relationship.
“Soda too, I’m in love.” Tae said. The ninety-five liners ate the pizza like ravage dogs.
“Hey where are your manners? Your teaching Jungkook bad habits.” Jin said.
The boys just look at each other with a mouthful of pizza and then look back at Jin then back at each other and then at Jungkook who was looking at them like “What the hell is wrong with you two?” Jimin and Tae just started laughing and almost choke on their food. Hope and Suga had to pat their backs and take care of them. They thanked their partners and finished their meal without any further hazards.
After dinner the boys gathered around the TV to watch their movie. Tae was sitting next to J-hope, who was sitting next to Suga and Jimin on the couch. Namjoon and Jin were sitting on the loveseat and Jungkook was sitting on the floor in front of them. Namjoon and Jin left shortly after the movie started.
Half way through the movie Suga fell asleep and was resting his head on Jimin’s shoulder. J-hope had his head buried in Tae’s chest during the what he considered the scary scenes. Jungkook watched as everyone was together with someone, getting that left out third wheel feeling Jungkook gets up and goes to his room.
Jungkook lays on his bed covering his eyes with his arm. It had been a long sad day for him. So many thoughts were running through his head, but the one that kept popping up was the one where he kissed Jimin? Why did he kiss Jimin, he didn’t have feelings for Jimin, right? Jungkook was confused he thought maybe he’ll sleep on it, maybe tomorrow he’ll be in the right mind.
Thank you for reading my story. It means a lot to me.
I freakin love this story!!! Plz keep writing! FIGHTING! 👊🏻
Awww Kookie needs a partner too... 😢