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The end of an era.

Taylor Swift is taking a break from the spotlight but she's not leaving without the proper thanks to her fans. 1989 was a record breaking album worldwide spanning to hundreds of sold out arenas with millions of screaming fans. Swift created an empire out of being herself, mocking the stereotypes the media labeled her, and being closer to fans than ever before. Though Swift has publicly announced that she will be taking a break from the public eye, it's a given that she'll eventually be back with another killer album.
In her latest music video, "New Romantics", Swift shows a recap of her world tour. Exotic costumes, sold out audiences, and a sea of glowing batons, Swift had it all. It's safe to say that her fans will miss her but for now fans can follow along on her social media watching her envy worthy relationship with DJ Calvin Harris. Swift also made her debut on VOGUE for the May issue with a rocking new look. She is set to be cochair with Anna Wintour at the Met Gala this upcoming month. There's really nothing this pop star can't do. See you soon Taylor!

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