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I'm looking for anime that are like the ones above(Elfen Lied, Another, Brynhildr in the Darkness, and the Lost Village) I love everything about them the mystery the gore the romance everything!! Plz help if you know some like these thank YOUUU!!
@LuffyNewman thanks for everything lolz
berzerker, hellsing , blood-c, mirai nikki, Corpes party Parasyte Samurai champloo Attack on titan Strike the blood one punch man Wicked city (movie) Akame ga kill Bludgeling angel dokoro chan Deathnote Deadman's wonderland Shiki Tokyo ghoul Afro samurai Dagashi kashi Death billards (movie) the end of evangelion (movie) Sword of a stranger Black bullet Zankyou no terror Perfect blue Golden boy Golden time Pycho pass Ore monogatari Pupa Owarimonogatari Sekirei Highschool of the dead Blaze blue just thought of the ones with blood or gore
the garden of gristia(not sure if thats how to spell it)
Ookami Kakushi is a good one!
Parasyte personally was a 7/10 at best. Story and boards were sent so quick as well as only thing going for it was a slight bit of slasher fling and the questioning as to what and where it all happened and came from!! Which dies down hardcore!! Sorry guys but it was a pretty lame attempt at a continuing anime and so it failed so they cut it off and finished it bc of the loss of interest in manga esp anime!!
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