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I'm looking for anime that are like the ones above(Elfen Lied, Another, Brynhildr in the Darkness, and the Lost Village) I love everything about them the mystery the gore the romance everything!! Plz help if you know some like these thank YOUUU!!
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These are all good but so broad that they are the basic animes berserker is a great anime but based from the early 1100-1300 eras about fighting which I didn't like but is rated decent apparently. As well he'll sing is VG based, blood-c is vampire which was ok, Moirai Nikki was interesting, but a lot don't relate to the 3 anime listed at all unless your going for gore or thrill like akame and death note, Tokyo is way off, I know it's big but personally animation wise I hated it but maybe bc I hate non hero animes, sword of stranger is a simple spinn off of numerous anime. Zankyou no terror was decent at best not really, perfect blue is a character with a mental disorder based anime but it kinda fits but not much gore mute suspense, I did recommend psychology pass due to its character simplicities besides mains & the fact that it deals with the abnormal and the illicit use of brains and such for controlling and murdeous crazy intent. Your list is good so thanks bc I wanna re watch a few of these but a lot don't really at all relate of come close to the anime listed!! But I'll take note of your list and re watch what I haven't seen in the last year or 2 so I've def got a couple!! Unfortunately I've ran through websites and run out of a lot of anime unless it's new or ongoing but I won't give up!! The good anime deserve a re watch/re binge!! So good listing of anime!! I would say atleast 50% are prob unknown to many vinglers due to their main focus being the mainstream animes 😒sad but true!! So I'm originally impressed
Parasyte personally was a 7/10 at best. Story and boards were sent so quick as well as only thing going for it was a slight bit of slasher fling and the questioning as to what and where it all happened and came from!! Which dies down hardcore!! Sorry guys but it was a pretty lame attempt at a continuing anime and so it failed so they cut it off and finished it bc of the loss of interest in manga esp anime!!
@LuffyNewman thanks for everything lolz
Ookami Kakushi is a good one!
the garden of gristia(not sure if thats how to spell it)