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OMG I LOVE XIUMIN! No joke there were so many tears writing this my heart just exploded. Enjoy!
Pulling up your scarf your made your way through the cold dark forest. Using your phone as a source of light for your comfort. Fear gripping at your heart as you watched the full moon in the sky, which was followed by a loud howl that was near by. Biting your lip you picked up the pace wondering why you have a house in the forest. Maybe it was because you want to prove to your parents that you were independent. Next thing you know you were being shipped off to South Korea. Seeing your house in sight you quickly ran to it hastily unlocking the door and slamming it shut behind you. Sighing you strolled towards your room peeling off you clothes you proceed to take a shower to help with your aching body from working. Finishing up your shower you threw on a random t-shirt and a pair of black shorts, then put your hair up in a sloppy bun. Satisfied with your look you gather a great deal of junk food and ate while watching Netflix.
Drowning yourself in your TV's fantasies you then heard three loud knock against your door. Eyebrows furrowed you glanced at the door then the clock by the TV read 12:04. Walking towards the door you grabbed the thing closest to you as a weapon: a candle holder. Swinging open the door you froze when you met 12 pairs of eyes. Meeting eyes with the person right in front you felt a warm comfortable pressure swallow your whole body. He had short brown hair and look very adorable, well to you at least. What was odd to you was that they all wore school uniforms, but looked a bit dirty.
"May we come in?" Asked a boy to the right of the person who was the same height. He had Black hair that was spiked up. Pulling back from your daze you slowly walked to the side letting them into your home. While hiding your "weapon" and proceed to put it away. It made you feel awkward to have this many people gather in your living room. You sat on the brown loveseat rubbing your legs nervously.
"You can sit anywhere you would like." You sated observing their behavior as eight of them sat on the sectional. The black hair boy sat on the recliner and two left standing as the brown hair boy sat next to you. You froze when you heard a loud howling that was close. It sent shivers down your spine from fear when suddenly you heard growling softly next to you. As you gaze over at the person next to you in confusion as the room fill with a eerie silence.
"My name is Junmyeon, but you may called me Suho." said the blacked hair boy with a generous smile to which you return along with a nod.
"I am Xiumin." Answered the boy next to you.
From left to right on the sectional all of the boys said their name or nicknames. "Beakhyun" "Chanyeol" "Chen" "Luhan" "D.O" "Kai" "Lay" "Sehun"
You nodded and smiled to each one as a greeting that just left the two standing. "Kris," said the very tall one "and that is Tao." Kris pointed beside him to the other male.
"My name is Y/N." You replied with a bow of your head.
That was the day that you all sparked a new friendship. Suho and Kris were like strict loving older brothers. While Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Chen were your best friends always playing pranks and jokes with each other, giving bad influences. Luhan and Lay would always help you with school work and were the sweetest people you met. D.O constantly helps you around the in kitchen making tons of food for the boys. Kai, Tao, and Sehun were like a mini trio always together having fun sometimes fighting, but stick together. Then there was Xiumin yours relationship is complex. You act like best friends then lovers then enemies, but you two were always there for each other. It was strange sometimes during a period of time they would distance themselves from you which bother you a lot. You felt as if you were doing something wrong.
Until one day Suho called you 13 times in a panic. Kris it was 10 calls and 5 text, Chanyeol and Luhan called 6 times and 2 text. Chen, D.O, and Baekhyun were texting like crazy. While Kai and Sehun blew up your phone on social media to get you attention. That left poor Lay and Tao who left multiple voicemails on your phone crying about Xiumin. You were in total panic you raced over to see Xiumin scared of what was wrong. You had your phone off for an hour during school and this is what happens.
Knocking on the door to their house you shifted anxiously. An equally anxious Chen and Chanyeol yanked the door open and pulled you in. They both rushed you up stairs straight to Xiumin's room where they proceed to bang on the door and quickly left. Leaving you utterly confused as the door then again was swung open to reveal Kris and Suho calming down a hurtful Xiumin who was in pain. Lay gently took your hand and led you over to him. Upon touching his back he was covered in sweat, but instantly relaxed. Looking back towards the door Kris, Lay, and Suho were gone.
"What are you doing here?" Xiumin called out growling his voices rasping. Jumping in freight you back up a few paces scared that he might get mad at you.
"I-I-got a called from everyone..." You softly trail off pulling your hands to your chest.
"They said you were in pain." You froze upon seeing his piercing fierce gaze right to your soul. Then he groaned in pain clutching his body.
"Xiumin!" You shouted afraid and ran to his side hugging him closely. As he roughly pushed you off of him causing you to fall onto to the floor. You watched him, confused and trembling in fear.
"LEAVE NOW!" He shouted at you his eyes flashing a deep red. Tears were streaming down your face your breath uneven.
"NO!" You yelled back "Why do you always push me away! You are clearly in pain let me help." You continued to beg feeling absolutely helpless.
"Don't trust me" He growled showing a set of fangs. "I can control myself around you."
"I am not stupid! I know you and the other's are wolves, Idiot!" You cried hugging your knees as you deeply sobbed.
"You knew?" He called out softly stunned as he carefully wrapping an arm around you.
"Of course I knew it was obvious because you all grew close to me so I notice a few things. Hell, I even saw Sehun shift at night! Can't you even trust me?" You stated; throwing his own phrase back at him. Your tears were blinding your sight as you cuddled into his arms.
"Then you know what you are to me?" He asked as you just shook your head no. Laughing he chuckled softly in your ear. "For someone so intelligent you are oblivious. You are my mate." He whispered so low that you almost missed it.
"I...am?" You asked glancing up at him in shock. As he slowly nodded with a stupid grin. "Why do you think I distance myself? I was afraid I was going to sacred you off. I couldn't deal with knowing I wasn't beside you. It physical and emotionally hurts to be away from you." He nuzzled his face into the side of your neck his warm breath spanning across your collarbone.
"Is that why I was always in pain?" You asked clueless. You jumped when you heard him whimpered "OH! No did I hurt you?" You asked looking for where you might have caused pain.
"No, I am sad that you had to feel that way and it was all my fault." He stated sadly.
"Idiot, then you should have known that I won't have..." You were babbling on we he suddenly kissed you. Wrapping your arms around him, you broke the kiss and press your forehead against his.
"Don't worry your mine now." He stated possessively while pulling you up into a standing position.
You both went downstairs to meet a 11 grins that stared at your form. Blushing you looked the other way. As Suho cried that his babies were together. Chanyeol and Baekhyun were crying dramatically with a smiling Lay in the middle. Then D.O and Kai smirk at each and high fived. Luhan and Chen were fanboying about you and Xiumin together as the perfect couple. While money was passed around between Kris, Tao, and Sehun. Laughing you joined everyone sitting on Xiumin's lap, while he sat on the couch, both of you were smiling.