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As a fan I see things concerning our favorite idols this is Chanyeol I was broken hearted when I seen this I think we should be doing something about this. SM won't they just force them to perform anyway.
then these two it's sad to see that Tao is on crutches buying medicine alone. Then I think this is kai its kinda blurred but he is also on crutches which makes me even more sad. I think it's time that we do something about this.
this is also Tao now I'll say this as fans of every idol we feel as though they need a break from doing tons of work. over working the idols will only put more stress on them making them less likely to perform. Lets all give our idols a break plz sign if you feel the same way! fighting!!!! @EmilyPeacock @UKissMeKevin @RochelleRose @selfishmachines
ikr SM won't do anything about it that pick of Chanyeol made me cry so me and the fan club I made came up with this we are posting on different social media sites but this is the first
I agree. There should be somewhere that we could donate money to make sure that they are properly taken care of. Something completely disassociated with sm ent. That they can personally access to hire aids when they need help and there is no one else. They put so much into every performance for our sake. We need to be there for them as well.
chanyeol better be ok or I'll fly to korea and knock some heads! keep our boys safe!
exactly Chanyeol was my first bias from Exo him and Baekhyun
wattttttttt oh my baby 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
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