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As a fan I see things concerning our favorite idols this is Chanyeol I was broken hearted when I seen this I think we should be doing something about this. SM won't they just force them to perform anyway.
then these two it's sad to see that Tao is on crutches buying medicine alone. Then I think this is kai its kinda blurred but he is also on crutches which makes me even more sad. I think it's time that we do something about this.
this is also Tao now I'll say this as fans of every idol we feel as though they need a break from doing tons of work. over working the idols will only put more stress on them making them less likely to perform. Lets all give our idols a break plz sign if you feel the same way! fighting!!!!
Yixing collapsed after EXO performance at 16th Chinese Music chart Awards
if you want companies to stop overworking idols then sign this petition asking them to:
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That just makes me so sad and angry.